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Chasing Sunsets

 IMG_8461-0While a good chunk of my summer has been spent basking in the sun and working on my tan, I’ve also spend a copious amount of time indoors, pushing papers and preparing to head back to the real world in Seoul.

It’s always so amazing how I head to America always set on heading back home in time but when push comes to shove and when it becomes time to leave, I am miserable as hell and praying something will keep me here.

California summers offer long hot days where you can’t help but become cheerful and carefree… but my favourite time of the day is after the sun says goodbye and the sky turns into all these brilliant shades that shadow the palm trees and create the most amazing silhouettes. And the farther east you go, the longer you can extend the illusion that twilight lasts forever.

So… this is me now and where I’m at this summer: feeling a little pensive, experiencing a little magic and praying that I return soon.

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