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My three weeks in Southern California had been full of sunshine enveloping me, sand between my toes and endless unexpected encounters. Even the least appealing of the places I visited was better than Seoul because it provided the anonymity I craved and a respite from the daily grind. And of course there are boys who wear Mickey Mouse watches and tell you they’re giving you a holiday fix between kisses that make things so much more interesting.

But when the highs are high, the lows can get really low. Seoul greeted me with grey skies and a tonne of humidity that I just wasn’t ready to deal with. Now, a week later, the only remnants of my time in California are the sun streaks in my hair that has made it three shades lighter, sun kissed skin three shades darker than every other Korean girl around me and countless messages with my friends back in Cali as I plan my next escape from this city.

My friend Soo said to me that it’s always hard for people like us to come back after a stint overseas. I’m inclined to agree — I haven’t even changed my watch back to local time — Let’s just hope I check in again and get back into the swing of things.

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