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Fish. Meat. Lime. Wood.

So this post is dedicated to my best friend Mark, who has plied me with food, gotten me fat and has waited patiently for me to write about it on my blog. 

Hong Kong has a pretty amazing food scene right now. I would say on par with New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and everywhere else all the cool chefs are. Fish & Meat and Limewood, both owned by Maximal Group and the ever charismatic Managing Director Xuan Mu are probably the hottest spots in Hong Kong right now. I would add Blue Butcher and Mott32 to the mix but I don’t want to seem like too much of a fan girl (I am, I totally am).

Mark, our friend Doug and I had a loooooong lunch a couple of months ago when I was in town. Doug had just gotten out of a job interview (he got the job!) and Mark and I are always up for a celebration so Fish & Meat it was. As you can see from the ostentatious amount of food, it was a ridiculously long lunch.

Standouts were the tuna with watermelon (exceptionally refreshing), duck egg ravioli (not on the lunch menu but Mark knew the chef), the grilled fish fillet (dare I say seabass?) and of course the dessert, both of them and I’m not much of a sweets person. The meal in its entirety was very well balanced with subtle flavours emanating from every dish, courtesy of head chef Russell Doctrove, and went really wel with the cocktails (and my mocktail) that was served in a mason jar. Gosh, we are so basic haha.

I would go as far as to say this is probably one of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong right now. Just take my money already…










Fish & Meat
32 Wyndham Mansions
Central, Hong Kong
T: +852 2565 6788

The other stand out meal I had with Mark was at Limewood in Repulse Bay. We rang each other ridiculously hungover from the previous night (whiskey night for me, Wales winning something or another for him) and suggested meeting another day before realising we couldn’t possibly miss out on this meal. So I threw on some sunglasses, hailed a cab and managed to make it to Repulse Bay without passing out (yay me!)

The new Repulse Bay is a bit of an anomaly for me. It used to be my old haunting grounds back when I was a teenager. Friends and I would splash around in the water fall asleep in the shade (which is no longer there), and just live a little (ahhhh youth). Now it’s hip and in and I don’t know how I feel about that… except I guess there are now places like Limewood.

Turns out Mark’s girlfriend and I have the same method of madness when ordering. One of everything please! So we ended up getting the salmon tartare, yellow fin tuna ceviche, corn fritters, fish tacos, a whole fried snapper Thai style with some coconut rice and the beefy ribs. What can I say, good food and good company makes life so much better. Being by the water, I would say go for the seafood but the beefy ribs were pretty amazing too. My suggestion is, go with a huge group and try a little bit of everything or do what Ayeesha and I did and order everything anyway.

For those of you who like being by the ocean breeze, interesting flavours and tropical cocktails, I would recommend Limewood in a heartbeat. Just make sure you call in advance to make a reservation as seats are hard to come by.







Shop 103/104 The Pulse
28 Beach Road Repulse Bay
Hong Kong
T: +852 2866 8668

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