The Seoul Girl is a blog by a single girl living in the most relationship oriented city in the world. This is where I will share my musings, my occasional escapes from the city and my erratic love life (or lack thereof). Oh and of course my good hair days because those are hard to come by too.

Email me at helloseoulgirl (at) gmail.com

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Seoul Girl,

    Great blog. came across it in a Google search for somewhere to get a glass of wine. And YH was fit for purpose

    Having read a bit more of your blog, I sympathise with the travel views. there is nothing more rewarding then travel, but, boy does it get tiring after a while! And if you get fed-up with home, try a long business trip. It helps to re-focus what is important! After two weeks travelling the Far East (which I love) a week in the same bed is very enticing!

    So enjoy the amazing privalidge of your travel opportunities. And keep up the great blogs!

    BTW. Your English is superb. Are you a native speaker?

  2. Hi Seoul Girl,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I like your quirky and funny posts on Korea. Now i know where to visit/(EAT) when I’m in Seoul next week!

    Keep writing ~


  3. love your posts esp the one where you went “craycray” (I use that term too, and to describe exactly the same scenario – so I just had to drop you a note!)
    Hope your dating life has improved/blossomed/is thriving!

  4. Came across your blog when I was googling Seoul. Fast forward 30 mins later, I was reading post after post. LOVE your blog. I’m tempted to hop on the plane to go to Seoul just so that I can eat.

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