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Park Hyatt Seoul

I am the biggest procrastinator in the world. It’s been about three months since my mini staycation at the Park Hyatt and I’m only just publishing this post. So on the same vein as my previous post on the amazing brunch at Cornerstone, I think a quick entry about the hotel itself is in order don’t you think?

The Park Hyatt’s minimalist aesthetic doesn’t immediately scream comfortable. In fact, considering the sharp edges and clean lines, you’d think that it was anything but that. The thing is, everything about the Park Hyatt Seoul subtly suggests zen, a quiet, peaceful vibe. I’m not exactly sure how to put this into words eloquently, but because of this peaceful feeling I experienced, I felt quite cozy and snug  and this was despite the high ceilings in the rooms which make the rooms seem quite large and cavernous.

The rooms are at a very agreeable just below room temperature and everything from the lights, to the lounge chair to the bathtub are unexpectedly, conveniently located. While the bed isn’t as cushy as some of the other hotels I’ve stayed in, the sheer size coupled with the air light duvet just envelope you in its soothing, sleep inducing embrace.

The bathroom is stocked with one of my favourite beauty brands, Aesop. If I were to give you a quick review on the products, I found that the classic shampoo left my hair little limp and greasy looking although it smelled and felt great. It definitely wasn’t great for a photo op, post hair wash. Aside from the shampoo though, the body cleanser and lotion, which smells like orange rind, made everything smell like summer time. Combine that with the rain shower and fluffy bathrobe, it definitely felt like a little slice of island paradise in the city.

20131205-074055 pm.jpg

20131205-074106 pm.jpg

20131205-074116 pm.jpg

20131205-074126 pm.jpg

Park Hyatt Seoul
606, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea
T: +82 2 2016 1234


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